Wedding Rings Wholesale Santa Rosa

Wedding Rings Wholesale Santa Rosa

If you’re looking for wedding rings at wholesale prices in Santa Rosa, Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops offers you the opportunity to save big money on high-quality rings for your special day. Our staff of jewelry specialists can authenticate and give you all of the information you need on any of our wholesale rings so you can make your purchase with confidence and peace of mind.

Best Pawn Shop in Sonoma County

At Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops we also have a beautiful selection of wholesale jewelry, including gold, silver, diamonds and vintage pieces, to add to your collection. The fantastic variety of colors, metals, and styles that we offer truly cannot be beat by any other pawn shop—or jewelry store, for that matter—in the area. Our shop stands out from the rest because our jewelry specialists are experts in the field, which allows us to be the leading wholesale jewelry buyer and provider in Santa Rosa. We’ve even been voted “Best Pawn Shop in Sonoma County” by The Bohemian!

Not only do we have attractive wholesale jewelry for sale, but we can also buy your jewelry, which makes for an affordable buying situation. You can purchase wholesale rings and other jewelry while selling your unwanted pieces to us. You’ll have a new collection of beautiful jewelry to show off and even have some extra cash in your wallet when you leave. Need a quick cash loan? You can a bring in your gold, jewelry, or treasures as collateral in order to borrow money. We’ll hold your item until you can pay us back at an agreed upon interest rate. It’s as easy as that!

For elegant wedding rings sold at wholesale prices in Santa Rosa, Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops is the place to go. We’re also the pawn shop that offers the best prices for wholesale jewelry…guaranteed! We take pride in treating our customers fairly and honestly, and have been doing so for over 40 years.