Used Musical Instruments


Pawn shops are for more than just finding jewelry,electronics and firearms; you can find used musical instruments as well. Most pawn shops also offer musical instruments, tools and items that make a difference in your daily lives. When looking for the items that are needed to improve your collection of tools or musical instruments come and see us at ourĀ Santa Rosa location. Here at Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops you will find the items you need to add to the orchestra or in your garage.

Used musical instruments can be an important part of helping parents allow kids to learn to play an instrument without purchasing a new and expensive item. When you see the selection of instruments we have to offer you can allow your youngster to have a fantastic item to learn the art of music on without the need to overpay for the item. This allows you to enjoy a used musical instrument that will you will know you gave your child the ability to learn to be more cultured and well-rounded without breaking your bank account.

We offer a wide variety of used tools for sale to make it easier for you to work on projects. Do you really need to buy new, especially for your work crew? Probably not, and with our awesome selection you can be certain you have the tools you need for the job without paying too much to have the tool no the jobsite. Our selection of used tools for sale will make the most sense when you look to have a tool that will let your crew get the job done faster and more efficiently than ever.

At Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops you can enjoy the amazing selection of used musical instruments andĀ used tools for sale while our fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff takes care of your needs. Let us be your solution for saving money while your kids learn a new appreciation for music and your team works efficiently.