Used Electronics


Look around your house; do you have used electronics at home you no longer use? Nearly every one of us has some form of an electronic item that we don’t use anymore which leaves it taking up space at home. These electronics could be perfect for someone else to use who needs to purchase some great items at a reduced rate and could make you some money. The best way to turn your old used computers and Apple electronics into money is to bring it to us at Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops.

Our Santa Rosa location can help you enjoy some extra spending money by turning your used computers into cash. If you would like to have the computer back for your use again we will gladly offer you a loan, which once repaid, will be able to be used for you once again. When you come to our pawnshop to turn your used computers into cash you can have confidence knowing we will be ready to give you a fair offer for your computers. Our friendly staff will gladly work with your to help make it easy for you to receive money for the electronics you no longer use.

With Apple coming out with new electronics, especially smartphones nearly every year you might want to turn your old Apple electronics items into money. We can offer you the highest price for your items to give you a fair price to purchase the newest Apple products for your electronic enjoyment. Whether you have old iPods, iPhones, or iPads or even some computers we guarantee the best offer possible for the items you bring to us to turn into cash. With our experts you will feel confident the price we offer you is the best one in the area and gives you what you want for your items.

Come see us at Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops to turn your used computers and Apple electronics into cash. When you no longer use these items we can offer you the best price for them.