Sell Antiques

sell-antiquesJewelry can have a lasting memory and impression upon family members but at times you need to sell antiques to have the money you need for emergencies. In some families that date back several generations there may be antique engagement rings or other antique jewelry that is passed down through the years. This jewelry can have value beyond measure in the form of nostalgia and heritage but can also call for a great price from our pawnshop at Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops.

Is the antique jewelry in your collection an heirloom piece? If so you might want to make sure you will be able to retrieve the item after your loan is paid off. When you come and see us you can feel confident you will be able to regain possession of the item after you pay off your loan. We pride ourselves on working with people to help them in any situation when money is needed. With an agreed upon loan repayment you will be able to retake your item without worrying it will be sold.

Engagement rings are one of the most valuable items to women. In some cases antique engagement rings are also pieces of antique jewelry which makes the item even more valuable from the aspect of personal value and emotional attachment. We take this into consideration and protect your engagement rings from the possibility of being sold when you are working to pay off a loan to us. Unless you choose to sell your antique jewelry or engagement rings we ensure the item you give us for collateral will be available to you once the loan is paid back.

Our goal is to help you with whatever situation you need assistance with and understand many people do not give up their antique jewelry and especially their engagement rings if they don’t have to. Our staff prides itself on being caring and considerate of feelings that our clients have regarding their jewelry. When you come and see us we can help you sell your antique jewelry or use it as collateral for a loan to ensure you have money for whatever your needs are.