At Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops we have a wide variety of custom jewelry that comes through our door every day. Many will bring in gold rings or other jewelry that has a variety of settings for us to examine. The difference between our shop and many other pawn shops is the fact our staff are not just familiar with jewelry but actual experts in the field. This allows us to be the best diamond buyers of gold rings when our customers bring jewelry to us to sell or trade for other jewelry.

As diamond buyers we can put more value on your gold rings than other pawn shops in the area. We can assess every part of your gold rings to give you the best price and take into account the settings, metals and jewels that make up your rings or other jewelry. Our expert jewelers can offer you the best price in the industry and give you a much higher value for your item than you would find in any other pawn shop or jewelry store.

Having the best price also makes it easier for you to upgrade your jewelry with a new item. If you have gold ringsyou won’t be wearing again anytime in the future you can find a new piece of great jewelry with the settings you desire from our vast selection of jewelry. Our diamond buyers can review the items with you and show you the different between clarity and cut amongst the diamonds we have to offer you for purchase. By bringing us your old and worn out jewelry you can buy new items for your collection to keep updated and fresh with some great new looks.

Whether you need to sell your gold rings for the purpose of obtaining money for an emergency or you want to trade your items for some new updated jewelry come see us at Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops to give you the best deal possible. Our diamond buyers will help you have beautiful jewelry with the right settings.

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