Cash For Gold


Do you want to have some cash for gold by selling the old jewelry lying around in your collection that you aren’t wearing? If so you should turn that jewelry into cash by bringing it to our experts at Liberal Loan & Jewelry Pawnshops. We are the leading pawnshop in the area and are experts in the jewelry business to help you turn yourvintage jewelry into cash.

All too often we hang onto our silver jewelry in an effort to build a collection even though there is a chance the pieces are never worn again. When money is needed for an emergency, for extra holiday shopping or just because you want a little added spending money you can bring your vintage jewelry to us and gain the highest offer possible for your items. Our expert staff is knowledgeable, friendly and willing to make sure you have what you want in regards to an offer for your silver jewelry.

Vintage jewelry can only work with some outfits and spends more time in your jewelry box than being worn. If you would love to purchase a new piece of modern jewelry to replace the vintage pieces you have in your collection come in and see us, we can help. Not only can we give you cash for your vintage pieces, but we will be make the best offer you can find and even have several pieces of beautiful modern pieces for you to choose from. We can be your one stop shop to buy and sell jewelry to give you an upgrade to your collection.

Looking for a place to sell your old vintage jewelry or the silver jewelry you no longer wish to hang onto can be a challenging task. You might feel the offer you receive is too low for you to part with your jewelry from other pawnshops in the area. We are the pawnshop you want to visit and feel confident you will receive the best offer for your vintage and silver jewelry. Let our team help you get the money you need for your jewelry.